The Happiest Hour: A Full Guide To The Best Happy Hour In Miami

It’s hard to find something beloved by all as much as happy hour. Who doesn’t love their favorite food and drinks served half price at the same time every week?

South Miami happy hour is on a different level than the rest of the world. And, of course, those in the party capitol of Florida could always benefit from a discount on drinks. It’s a dream come true for a creature of habit as we all are today.

If you’re from Miami or looking to travel there for a vacation, it’s time you learn what the best places to go are. 

We’ve created a list of all the Miami restaurants with a happy hour worth visiting.

So keep reading, and see where are the best happy hours in Miami.

Root & Bone

Let’s start with something for the soul.

Root & Bone restaurant is a place in Miami where you can find real Southern food.

The owners devoted their lives to making food that gathers people around the table, and they do the same thing with their famous restaurant.

Now, not only do they have one of the best happy hours in Miami, but their food is amazing anytime you go. So, let’s tell you a bit more about this place.

Their Story

Chef Janine Booth and Chef Jeffrey McInnis started Root & Bone to manifest their knowledge in preparing real Southern dishes. However, their careers have led them around the world, where they studied all types of cuisines.

Chef Janine Booth grew up in Australia, preparing seafood for the entire family. She quickly developed a love for cooking and decided to dedicate her life to the craft.

She traveled to Europe and Asia, only to land in Miami in 2010. There, she worked in a few high-quality restaurants until getting an invite to participate in the TV show Top Chef. 

After competing against 18 other contestants in an award-winning show, Janine went to New York and opened her first restaurant – Root & Bone. The partner for her vision was none other than Chef Jeffrey McInnis.

He grew up a bit closer to Miami, in Niceville, Florida. Just like Janine, he fell in love with cooking pretty early. He also traveled the world and studied the cuisines and cultures he ran into along the way.

The first restaurant they opened together was a huge success, so a few more followed. Now, Root & Bone Miami is one of the best restaurants with happy hour in the city, and their food is what got it there. 

The Menu

Root & Bone’s menu is full of comfort food that will make you feel like grandma is cooking for everyone. This place features everything from chicken biscuits to ribs and meatloaf.

So, you know where to go if you’re a fan of real food and Southern specialties.

South Miami Happy Hour at Root & Bone

Now, let’s talk about the thing that got you here – the best happy hours in Miami. 

Firstly, every weekday from 4-6 pm, Root & Bone offers a happy hour menu.

On it, you’ll find bites starting at $4 and featuring drunken deviled eggs, bacon, and so on.

During that time, a list of cocktails, some drinks, and a few beers are set to half price. So, if you want to grab a few, and a quick bite, visit the restaurant between four and six.

However, that’s not the only time Root & Bone has discounted prices. Every Monday after 4 pm, fried chicken & bourbon are set to half price. Tuesdays are set for wines to be half off. 

On Wednesdays, after 4 pm, you can get yourself a half-priced whiskey, bourbon, or scotch.

And, of course, Saturday and Sunday are left for brunch. From 10 am to 4 pm, this place serves a special menu reserved for brunch.

Visit Root & Bone and see why they’re considered among the city’s best restaurants with happy hour.

Glass and Vine

If you prefer having a drink in private, rather than partying in large crowds, this is the place for you.

Glass and Vine has one of the most remarkable gardens you’ll ever visit and serves South Miami happy hour better than most other places.

But what makes that garden so special? 

First, let’s say that this place is known around town as a hidden garden by the sea. Not a bad place to describe the place where you’ll be having dinner, right? 

Glass and Vine’s patio got that name because it’s set in a place that resembles a park. You’ll see set tables, cute lights, and people enjoying unbelievable food among all the trees and greenery.

Now, why is this place on a list of restaurants with happy hour?

Their special menu is active from Monday to Friday, 3-6 pm. It serves 50% off well spirits and all wines! And, you can get a draft beer for five bucks a pint. Doesn’t sound bad if you ask us.

Getting an Aperol Spritz, a Mule, or a daiquiri for eight dollars on a random weekday in Miami isn’t that easy. 

And, if you want to munch on something while enjoying your drink, get sweet potato tater tots for as little as four dollars.

The wine list is too extensive to include in this article, so you’ll surely be satisfied if you’re a wine lover heading to Glass and Vine.

Stubborn Seed

There aren’t many Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, but Miami has one of them! Luckily, that place serves happy hour, and now you’ll hear all about it.

The restaurant’s chef Jeremy Ford believes that this place is the result of pairing unrelenting passion and an unapologetic approach. They aim to reward each bite with a unique flavor you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

The chef’s careful approach to each dish elevates the meals into becoming something more than a medley of ingredients. This way of preparation allows the ingredients to be splendidly elegant.

Jeremy started cooking with his grandmother when he was 14 years old. That led him to become Top Chef’s season 13 winner. And now, own one of the most original restaurants in Florida.

The dinner menu is full of meals you’ve never experienced in your life. So, their raw bar features crunchy truffle bravas, yellowfin tuna Crudo, and similar dishes you should try.

They also have charred swordfish, pan-roasted chicken, and Wagyu steaks. 

We said this place was special. Now that you’ve heard about the menu, you can understand why. Only once you visit their premises and try the food will you fully understand the value of Stubborn Seed and its chef.

Bayshore Club

Going out to Miami’s oldest neighborhood is going to be a blast once you start visiting Bayshore Club. This place is located in Coconut Grove, or to be more specific – a historic site called Dinner Key.

Dinner Key got its name because it was the best place to stop your Miami cruise and have a picnic back in the day. However, in 1918 this place became the country’s first continental naval air station. And it stayed that for the rest of WWI.

Later on, in the 30s and 40′, Dinner Key served as a base for Clipper Planes. Those flying boats were once housed in Bayshore Club hangers.

The restaurant is inspired by the history of its location and aims to give you the same thrill men once had in this place.

The first thing that will amaze you about this place is the patio. Their outdoor dining is a different experience than most other dinners. You’ll get to enjoy a waterfront view while having a piece of freshly-caught seafood. And, on Mondays, take advantage of the $2 oyster promotion. Seafood doesn’t get more affordable than that.

Of course, this restaurant wouldn’t be here if it didn’t have a happy hour worth mentioning.

Monday to Friday, from 4 to 6 pm, they serve half-priced cocktails, beer, and wine. What else do you need to have a great time at sea?

Wednesdays are reserved for their “rosé by the bay all day” promotion. It gives you half-priced bottles every hump day.

And, as the cherry on top, this place has live music. Listen to a band at Bayshore Club from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you’re into seafood, you don’t have to look for Coconut Grove happy hour deals anymore. This place has all you need for the perfect time. Give it a visit, check out the waterfront view, and sample the best seafood Florida has to offer.


Italian cuisine is among the most popular ones in the world for so many reasons. Pizza and pasta are just two of them. But, we do understand if that’s more than enough for you to share the mentioned opinion. We love those dishes as much as you do. That’s why Mi’Talia is on this list.

However, that’s not the only reason it’s here. The restaurant is owned by familiar faces, chef Janine Booth and chef Jeffrey McInnis.

They both spent some time traveling the world, and they both made a pit stop in Italy. Naturally, the chefs fell in love with the country, its culture, and the cuisine. So, they dedicated the time spent there to learning the culinary skills of the Italian people.

The northern regions of the country are more devoted to comfort foods, which is right up Janine and Jeffrey’s alley. They have a few soul food restaurants, after all. 

The south side of Italy is more devoted to seaside cuisine. As you know, both of these chefs grew up fishing and making seafood, so the match was instant. Italy and Mi’Talia’s chefs are the perfect couple.

Now, they have one of the most popular restaurants with happy hour in Miami.

Now, the most important part – Miami happy hour. How does Mi’Talia’s work?

They start the week the way we all should – with half-priced bottles of wine. That’s a hell of a Monday discount.

Tuesdays are reserved for artisanal pizza. And, if you’re a pasta lover, and let’s face it – we all are, come to Mi’Talia on Wednesdays. This place serves all kinds of pasta for just $12 on hump day.

And lastly, the drinks. Every day from 4-6 pm, happy hour starts. There are all kinds of promotions going on, so it’s best you visit and see for yourself.

Stiltsville Fish Bar

Stiltsville Fish Bar is located in the heart of Sunset Harbor, one of Miami’s best neighborhoods. If you’d like to spend your time off in a casual and relaxed restaurant, this is the place for you.

You won’t need a suit and tie. This place is a bit more casual. 

They mainly serve locals that keep coming back for high-quality seafood, but tourists are more than welcome. Just grab a chair, booth, or even a hammock, and enjoy your time at Stiltsville. It’s the perfect place for some seafood and a sundowner.

And, of course, they have amazing happy hour deals!

Firstly, they serve wine bottles half off on Mondays. And they celebrate Taco Tuesday! From 4-7 pm, tacos are only $2.

Wednesday is oyster night! Then, you can get a plate of oysters for only two dollars.

And Thursday is seasonal crab night. This isn’t that common in restaurants around Miami, so visit Sunset Harbor to give it a try. Stiltsville is definitely a fun hang-out spot for everyone in the area.

Gramps Bar

Air conditioning, beer, and cocktails – that’s what their sign says, and that’s all we need to convince you to visit this Wynwood bar. However, they offer much more.

Weekly karaoke night is the first thing we’ll mention. 

Still, going to this place after work is the best thing you can do for yourself and your wallet. Why? Well, all drinks are 50% off Monday to Friday, 4-8 pm. So, if you like taking the edge off with a drink after work, why not have it half off?

If you get snacky after a few drinks, simply walk outside and grab a slice from their tropical pizza restaurant.

Gramps bar is quite popular in Wynwood, and the locals keep coming back. The owners often spice things up by having live shows. Often, you’ll see live comedy sets at this place, so if you like having a laugh with your drink, head on to Gramps bar.

Lost Boy

We’re heading downtown for this one. In fact, many would consider this the best drinking establishment in that part of Miami.

This place used to be a denim shop, but now, it’s a relaxed bar designed for chilling and sipping on beer and cocktails. They refer to themselves as the “no-nonsense” bar, and the nickname suits Lost Boy quite well.

Their cocktails are simple but taste great. The vibe seems casual at first glance but hides certain details that make the interior more attractive. So, in this restaurant, you’ll get to see a piano turned into a communal table in the center of the bar. 

Lost Boy is a unique experience worth going downtown for, and their happy hour is there to bring in more people.

Monday to Friday, from 4-7 pm, this place cuts the drink prices in half. So, the cocktails are about $7-8, and the beers are only $2-4. The wines are discounted, too, so a glass will set you back anywhere from $4-10.

Naturally, this place is full on Fridays, so make sure you get there in time and secure your sport during Miami happy hour.

Visit Root & Bone

Most of these restaurants have happy hour deals worth taking on, but Root & Bone is the one you shouldn’t miss. The soul food they have is simply too good to pass on.

And, of course, the savings are worth taking advantage of. Visit Root & Bone and try real Southern food in Miami.