New Year’s Eve In Miami: How To Do New Year’s Eve The Miami Way

Without a doubt, spending New Year’s Eve in Miami is an excellent way to finish this year and welcome 2023 spectacularly. And what could be better than spending the last night of the year in the Magic City – enjoying the best southern food the city has to offer, of course? 

You know what we’re talking about: visiting Root & Bone, the best contender in the city when it comes to southern-style restaurants. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect day in the Magic City, here’s a comprehensive guide for an unforgettable day in Miami that will ultimately end in the best comfort food restaurant. 

Best Thing to Do on New Year’s Eve in Miami

If you are staying in Miami for New Year’s Eve and want to explore some of the city’s most popular places and monuments, feel free to read this list, as we’ve tried our best to highlight something that will cater to every style and preference.

  1. Visiting Miami Beach

To kick off our list, let’s get the apparent musts out of the way. Miami Beach is a cornerstone when we’re talking about obligatory vacation stops, and it’s a great way to get the afternoon started before heading out to any comfort food restaurant or fancy nighttime event. 

On that end, you may also take a stroll after the sun sets. Even without the glittery scenery, watching the illuminated city lights is also a sight to behold.  

  1. Visit the Wall Murals of Wynwood

Who says New Year’s Eve in Miami shouldn’t be artsy? To see genuinely magnificent modern art, visit Wynwood walls to experience the exceptional vibrancy and a mosaic of colors. An extraordinary phenomenon of wall art around the globe, you can see breathtaking visual pieces of art in equally remarkable presentations. Opt for an official or private tour, or take a walk around the area by yourself or with your significant other – it will feel like a mesmerizing walk in Wonderland.

An excellent shot of art before going to the best southern-style restaurant in the city. 

  1. How About Checking Out the Everglades? 

If you’re more into nature and don’t really care for wall mural art, you can also check out the hiking trails of Everglades National Park. For a truly exciting experience, you can check out Pine island, explore Flamingo Trails, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery created by Mother Nature herself. 

Still, try to save your energy. Remember, we’re still waiting for you tonight. 

  1. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 

If you are looking for something quiet, consider taking a stroll in Coconut Grove’s Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Previously known as Villa Vizcaya, the Italian renaissance museum used to be James Deering offers an Italian Renaissance formal garden and a gorgeous open-air courtyard. Enjoy diverse furnishings from all over Europe portrayed in the museum’s seventy rooms is something that will satisfy all of your needs for style and exquisiteness.

  1. Visiting Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower in Miami is a symbol of the city’s rich history and culture; built in 1925 in Mediterranean style, it is now a contemporary art museum but used to be the headquarters of the city’s first newspaper. 

Undoubtedly, the Tower located downtown is a globally-known tourist spot and a clear example of architectural excellence. 

On that end, you should also check out the holiday lights on the tower, which are even more mesmerizing. 

  1. Checking Out Bayside Market

Before ending up in the best southern-style restaurant the Magic City has to offer, you can always check out Miami’s Bayside Market for some good old-fashioned shopping, no matter whether you’re looking for clothing, health, beauty products, jewelry, or anything in between. Literally, everything is just a shop away. 

The exquisite boutiques might easily seduce you to spend a bit more, but if you want to experience what Miami’s all about, visiting Bayside Market is an absolute must. 

  1. Explore Ocean Drive 

If you want to explore the wonderful Maimi skyline and horizon, you should take the time and opt for a slow cruise to Ocean Drive to experience Miami Beach to the fullest. The myriad of art-deco buildings, the sight of excellent restaurants serving local delicacies, and the beachfront properties make for a great New Year’s Eve tour stop and are exceptional short stops after such a mesmerizing drive. 

  1. How About Window Shopping at Lincoln Road? 

Visit Lincoln Road Mall in Miami if you’re up for some shopping. Being a hub for international and national clothing brands, cigar shops, exotic art galleries, and souvenirs, there are always new things to explore at the Mall.

Furthermore, the Romero Art Gallery is also located in the Mall alongside Miami’s Colony Theatre, so if you are a theater buff, you might want to check out this exceptional establishment as well. 

  1. Explore Jungle Island

Again, if you are more of a nature lover, Miami still has to offer lots for you. If you still have some energy and time to spare after exploring Everglades National Park, you can also visit Miami’s very own eco-adventure park on Watson Island. Formerly called the Parrot Jungle, Jungle Island was founded in 1936 and is home to hundreds of animals and several parrot species. Being one of the oldest attractions in Magic City, it’s a must if you want to experience a traditional vacation in Miami. Also, if you like to live on the edge, you can give zip-lining and swimming a try just to add an extra bit of excitement for your New Year’s Eve this time around. 

Explore the City and Enjoy the Last Day of the Year With the Best Southern Food

As you can see, there are tons of things to do in Miami, and chances are, you probably won’t be able to check out every spot we’ve listed unless you rush through the sights. 

Trust us; you don’t want to do that. Instead, if you take more time off, it’s better to take a larger vacation in Miami and bask in every place one by one, piece by piece. It’s well worth the time and effort. Miami is a world-famous place for a reason. And it’s not just the sunshine, the sandy beaches, the fancy shops, and the rich cultural history. This city is also renowned for its world-class restaurants. That said, we invite you to an unforgettable southern-style experience this New Year’s Eve!

Head down to Root & Bone on the last evening of the year to enjoy the best southern food in Miami, and let’s welcome the New Year together!