Know Your Food: The Ultimate Guide to Steak Cuts

People from all over the world enjoy eating different things. Some love chicken and rice, while others stuff themselves with pizza. On top of that, there are diets that you can follow which restrict you from eating certain meals. There are keto, vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, and so many others to choose from, depending on your preference. 

When it’s all said and done, there still aren’t many meals out there that can compete with a well-prepared steak. And, if your diet doesn’t forbid it, you probably enjoy devouring cuts of beef every now and then. 

The question is, which steak types should you avoid? And, why and how do different cuts of steak vary in quality and taste? The best steak cuts can cost a couple of bucks but are surely worth every penny considering the quality meal you’ll enjoy. But, what are the more affordable pieces worth buying?

Read our blog if you want all of those questions answered, and check out how your favorite steak cuts ranked on our list. 

Steak Cuts Ranked

Round Steak

There aren’t many types of steak that you should avoid and not consume. However, certain steak types aren’t as exclusive as others. Regardless of which piece you choose, steak is still a piece of meat and should be appreciated.

To start, round steak doesn’t belong amongst the most flavorful cuts of beef, especially when prepared as a steak. This primal cut is constructed of three parts, the top, the tip, and the bottom. The meat comes from the rump and the rear leg of the cow.

The top part is the most tender, but that doesn’t mean much. Even the top can be too tough and too lean to be eaten as steak. However, this meat belongs to the types of steak that would be perfect for roast beef or a pot roast. 

The tip isn’t any different when it comes to preparing it as a steak, it just isn’t good enough for our standards. It will make a good kabob or a stew, however.

That leaves us with the bottom round. Since there aren’t many good things to say about it, it’s better if we simply advise you to avoid this piece of meat regardless of its affordable price.

(NY) Strip Steak

This specific piece of meat goes by many names, the New York strip, the strip loin steak, the Omaha steak, and the ambassador steak are only some of them. Whatever you choose to call it, the characteristics are the same. 

These cuts of beef come from the short loin, which is in the top center of the cow. Once you remove the tenderloin from the short loin, you are left with the meat better known as the New York strip steak. 

NY Strip is one of the steak cuts ranked in the middle of the list when it comes to being tender or tough. You’ll have to chew for a while, but not so long it stops you from enjoying the meal.

The only issue some meat-eaters have with the NY strip is that it may be a tad on the expensive side. The concern usually isn’t with the price, but that you can get higher-quality meat for the same amount of money. 

T-bone Steak

Most meat lovers will count T-bone as one of the best steak cuts you can find. The reason? Well, considering that both the strip of top loin and a slab of tenderloin come as a part of T-bone, you order one and get two steaks instead. Since this is a great combination of flavor and texture, T-Bone is understandably many people’s favorite.

The size isn’t something to take for granted either. Most T-bones are fairly heavy, so there’s no staying hungry after this meal. And, not many meals have the visual appeal this piece of meat has. 

The downside usually has something to do with the price. All the positive attributes of the T-bone steak made it widely popular worldwide, unfortunately making it more and more expensive. This compels some real steak enthusiasts to go for different cuts of steak that cost the same.

Hanger Steak

Hanger steak isn’t as fancy as a T-bone or a filet mignon, but when it comes to meat quality, this cut can hang with the best of them.

It comes from a muscle that isn’t used a lot, so it’s incredibly tender. On top of that, it’s got a whole lot of flavor as well. But, regardless of how good these may sound, different cuts of steak are still far more popular.

The only reason these types of steak are so underrated is the difficulty of getting them. You can get only one hanger steak from an entire cow. This causes the price to rise even though the steak itself isn’t that famous. So, make sure you eat a few hanger steaks before they get too popular and everybody starts ordering them.

Tenderloin Steak

You know we’re almost at the top of the list when we start talking about tenderloin. It is a high-quality piece of meat cut from the short loin, containing very little tissue. This allows the steak to be tender and more enjoyable than other beef.

Filet mignon, one of the best steak cuts in the world, falls in the tenderloin steak category. If you’ve ever tried one, you know that softness is unmatched. It’s cut from the end of the tenderloin and deservingly sits almost on top of our list. 

The flavor isn’t its biggest selling point since there are more flavorful meats out there. But, filet mignon is far from a steak with no taste. It even pairs well with extras like bacon, enhancing the flavor profile even more.

Contrary to popular belief, simply because T-bone steak contains the tenderloin and some strip steak as well, it doesn’t mean it’s a better piece of beef. In fact, by removing the strip, you get more versatility with the tenderloin.

It can be used for dishes like steak tartare or even carpaccio. Or, of course, fry it and enjoy a simple but outstanding steak.

Ribeye Steak

We’ve saved the best for last. This piece of meat is taken from the cow’s rib and represents the most flavorful part of the animal.

Even by simply looking at it, you can notice the quality of this beef cut. The marbling on the ribeye is unmatched, and the flavor is always something to remember. This type of steak is, at the same time, perfectly juicy and as tender as you would like it to be. And, unlike the filet mignon, the size won’t disappoint at all.

If you are a meat lover, there isn’t much more to say, ribeye is the best of the best. It’s as simple as that.

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