How To Choose The Best Wine For Date Night This Valentine’s Day

You can’t have an ideal date without a bottle of wine at the table, right? And you can’t know how to choose the perfect wine for date night without doing the research. That’s for sure.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start making plans. Luckily, you won’t be going unprepared.

As long as you listen to our advice, you don’t have to worry. This year, you’ll show up and pick the date night wine like a pro. 

We’ll teach you how to find a bottle that will give you the most for your money, how to sample multiple wines, and what to avoid when choosing the best wine for a date.

So keep reading, and see what you have to learn before February 14th. Then, visit Root & Bone and test your knowledge using our wine menu. We are one of the best date night restaurants in Miami and a perfect place to celebrate with your better half.

Consider the Date’s Experience

Naturally, you should consider the company before making any decisions about date night wine. 

Who is your date? Do they have experience drinking wine? Are they an enthusiast who knows how to appreciate high-quality bottles, or are you better off with something simpler?

These are all valuable questions you should ask yourself before checking the wine menu.

People who haven’t tried many different bottles usually can’t tell the difference between high and low-quality selections. So, spending more money doesn’t make sense in that case. 

On the other hand, true enthusiasts will notice even the subtle differences, and every decision will matter. Know your date’s background, and you’ll find the best wine for the date way more easily.

Ask About Preferences

Not knowing much about your date’s wine experience isn’t a big deal. Communicate before the date or before ordering, and you’ll reach an agreement easier. 

Gather information by asking about your partner’s preferences. Tell them what plans you have for dinner and that knowing about their wine choices will make the night even better.

Does your guest prefer white, red, or rose? Or, maybe sparkling is the wine of their choice?

Do they like full-bodied wines or something more on the fragile side? Are sweet wines their thing? What’s their stance on tannins? And, of course, don’t forget to ask about the location! Italy, France, America, which way should you go to find the wine for date night?

Once you get the answers to those questions, making a decision will be a simple task.

Consider the Food

White with fish, red with meat. That’s where it all begins, and that’s the one rule we all know. However, there are exceptions to that rule and more details to consider.

Certain fragile red wines go quite well with fish, while some big whites are just as amazing with pork as they are with seafood. 

Still, the basic rule is a decent place to start. 

Also, keep in mind that wines high in alcohol shouldn’t be paired with hot food. That mixture won’t do any good to your palate. Finally, consider fragile wines if you have a spicy dish. Something like a Riesling would be a perfect choice. Most date night restaurants in Miami will have it.

Order the Bottle

No, the server isn’t trying to upsell you. It makes sense to get the whole bottle if you plan to have two or more glasses. 

Most people hesitate to order a bottle, thinking it doesn’t make sense since they’ll have just two rounds.

Usually, two rounds cost more than a bottle, and it contains five glasses instead of four. So, buying the bottle actually saves you money in this case.

Most date night restaurants in Miami show their wine menu online, so check it out in time and maybe even reserve your favorite bottle.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Ask For Help

Those who study wines and have the most experience consuming them absolutely love conversing with the sommelier. Why should you hesitate to do the same? 

The fact that you may be a beginner when picking date night wine doesn’t play a factor. You’re still a wine enthusiast looking for someone to give you a recommendation.

So, ask for the sommelier, give them your preferences and what you’ll be eating and spending, and see what they advise.

If you aren’t comfortable speaking about your spending habits, simply point to the group of wines in your range and ask for the best choice out of the bunch. 

Don’t Get the Cheapest Option

We know it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option if you don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t know what I like, so why spend money on it, right? NO.

This is the wrong way to look at things.

First of all, you’ll likely be overpaying. Many restaurants raise the price of the cheapest wines on the list simply because they know most folks will go for it. 

Secondly, buying the cheapest option isn’t classy at all. 

Instead, go for something mid-range when choosing wine for date night. It won’t set you back a large sum, but you’ll still get a decent wine for the table.

Taste it!

Now the stressful part. Most people are afraid of doing the wrong thing when the bottle arrives at the table.

Firstly, check the name and vintage date on the bottle to make sure you got what you ordered. Then, whirl the glass for a short while, take a sniff, and finally, taste the wine.

Just be confident and act as if you know what you’re doing. If the wine doesn’t smell horrible, it’s likely good enough to be consumed, and you don’t have to complain about it.

Once you’ve tried it, say, “thank you, that’s fine,” and enjoy the rest of your evening. It would be OK to return a flawed bottle, but recognizing one would be a bit difficult since you’re a beginner.

Pick a Famous Region

If you’re trying to impress your company that doesn’t know much about wines, try doing it by choosing a bottle from a famous region. Napa Valley and Santa Barbara are perfect conversation starters if you can’t decide on the best wine for a date.

Give them a chance and see how your date reacts.

Dessert Wine Must Be Sweet

Once you reach the final stages of the date and the dessert menus come out, it will be time to order a sweet wine. 

Keep in mind that a dessert that’s sweeter than the wine will make it taste harsher than it is. So, be sure to pick a wine that’s sweeter than the dessert you’re having, or the pair won’t impress that much.

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