How To Choose The Best Wine

Most people would like to know how to pick a wine, yet they never studied wine selections and can’t recognize the qualities of good vino. Doing this in a restaurant is easier since there’s a sommelier to help you decide based on your flavor preferences.

However, picking the best wine possible isn’t that easy when you’re by yourself. Both online shops and liquor stores offer everything from wine for beginners to expensive bottles. How are you supposed to know the best option that fits your budget? The best types of wine are often not the most expensive ones on the shelf.

Keep reading our blog to avoid spending your hard-earned money on bottles that aren’t worth their price, and learn how to recognize superior wines.

How to Recognize the Best Types of Wine for Your Taste

Choosing the best wine for yourself is entirely subjective. Your taste may be altogether different from the next person’s. That’s why it’s important to know what you like.

Knowing the terms and recognizing the drink’s flavor before you open the bottle is a skill you must obtain if you want to know how to pick a wine.

With a bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to choose your favorite vino amongst even the broadest of wine selections. So, let’s start by learning the basic terms every wine lover needs to know:

  • Alcohol

As you may assume, wine with a higher alcohol percentage will warm up your throat more than the less potent drinks. Most wines vary between 11 and 13 percent, but there are bottles with as much as 20 percent.

  • Sweetness

Check the label for terms such as “sweet,” “dry,” and “semi-sweet” to determine the sweetness of the drink you’re buying.

  • Acidity

Choose wines with high acidity levels if you prefer your drinks a bit more tart. Bottles with low acidity will have a “richer” flavor.

  • Tannin

Without getting too far into the biology of the grape, let’s say that tannins are compounds found in the skin of this fruit. The drink tastes more bitter or dry if they are present during the winemaking or added through aging.

This is why many people mistake tannins and sweetness. And, because tannins are more present during the makings of red wine, you can find some “red” bottles with a pretty dry finish.

  • Body

The body is one of those terms we keep hearing about but can’t define what it means. Well, it isn’t that complicated. A wine’s body reflects how heavy it feels in the mouth.

Red wines are usually on the “heavier” side compared to whites. 

Now you know the basic terms to recognize nice wines between the overpriced liquor that’s not worth your time or money.

Tips on How to Pick a Wine

Yes, every person has a specific taste, and not all wines are equally attractive to every palate. Still, with our tips, you’ll be able to find the best types of wine for you at the given moment.

Wine for Beginners – White and Rose

Most people follow the same path while developing their drink preferences. In this case, research says that rose is the best wine for beginners. Or, to be more specific, sweet white or rose wines are the way to go if you’re an inexperienced wine drinker. 

Fifty-four percent of people that took part in a Sonoma State University study claim they preferred sweet white or rose wine in the early stages of their wine drinking. Most would also agree that with time, red wine becomes more attractive. However, it may taste too strong for a palate not used to such bitterness.

So give it a few years, then switch to reds!

Think About Your Food and Drink Preferences

There are ways to assume your taste in wine regardless of how inexperienced you may be with wine drinking. Specific preferences can hint at what sort of wine would be the most suitable for your taste. And, by doing a little bit of examining to your liking, you can quickly find your favorite bottle simply by looking at the label.

If you naturally have a sweet tooth, you’ll be into sweet wines as well. Or, if you prefer strong, bitter coffee, you’ll likely enjoy drinks with a bit more tannins.

Two questions you can ask yourself to get a grasp on what type of wine you may prefer are:

  • Apple or grapefruit juice?

Those who fancy apple over grapefruit juice are usually into sweeter white wine, while those who enjoy grapefruit juice tend to like dry whites.

Latte drinkers often prefer wine bottles that originate from the “New World.” If you are one of them, go for something from the USA or Australia.

On the other hand, people who enjoy black coffee are more suited for wines from France, Spain, or Italy.

Read and Understand the Label

A pretty picture on the label isn’t what differentiates nice wines from those of lesser quality. It’s what that label says.

On the bottle, you’ll find all the necessary information you need to properly assess the wine you’re holding. Pretty much all bottles will provide similar information, so all you need to know is how to understand them. That’s why you need to perfect the wine terms we mentioned and look for them.

At first, you’ll notice the winery name, then the variety of grape, and the harvesting year. This information is usually written in a large font on the front of the bottle. Next to it, you’ll see the alcohol percentage, where the wine comes from, and possibly some other information about the winery.

After you scan the front, check the back of the bottle for a description of the wine. Once you master the wine terms we mentioned, understanding the description will come way easier than it used to.

Also, the description may include certain aromas and flavor notes you may feel in the wine. If you enjoy consuming them, you’ll likely fancy the wine as well.

Don’t Stress About the Age

Yes, some very old wines are also very high quality. We’ve all heard about the wine collections that contain them and how much they are worth. However, not all wines are meant to be aged.

Many factors decide whether the wine should stay in the cellar for some time. Most wines aren’t of this nature and should be consumed within five years from the year on the label.

The ones that should age for a while are usually red, so if you are a beginner, don’t mind the age and choose the wine based on your preferences.

Price Isn’t Everything

Most people get lost in the age and the price since it’s easy to do so when you don’t know what to consider when choosing wine. 

Luckily, you now have enough information not to be one of those people. Choose your drink based on what you love, not how much it costs.

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