Best Things To Do in Miami For Labor Day

Just because the warm weather keeps coming doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Labor Day weekend in Miami. For most other places around the United States, this holiday marks the end of the summer season. In the party capital of Florida, it’s just another cause for celebration.

We’ve gathered a list of the best things to do in Miami during Labor Day weekend, so you won’t have trouble making plans.

Whether it’s going to a nice restaurant, relaxing at a spa, or going to the market, you’re going to have a good time. 

So check out what to do in Miami for the upcoming holiday and plan your day in advance.

Visit a Spa

Who says you can’t relax on a holiday? Skip all the parties you don’t want to visit anyway and take a day for yourself. 

The city is crowded with high-end spa places, and if you don’t know what to do in Miami, why not take a day off?

Let your mind and body enjoy the relaxation and reset your batteries for the upcoming working days. 

Go to the Beach

Miami weather is always beach-friendly. If you don’t feel like planning a huge celebration for Labor Day weekend in Miami, going to the beach can be just as fun.

Just pack sunscreen, call a couple of friends and make your way to the beach. 

And if you’re not a local and haven’t been to the beach, know that this is one of the things you must do in Miami.

So wait no more and make your way to the sand.

Get Fresh Produce at the Market

If you aren’t from the area, visiting the local markets can be quite fun. Miami is close to a few different countries, so produce from all over the world ends up in markets across the city.

Take a walk to the nearest one and explore all the different fruits and vegetables you can find in Florida.

What to Do in Miami – Visiting the Best Restaurants in the City

It’s hard to say what you must do in Miami, but visiting a few of the best restaurants in the city is necessary for an authentic experience.

That’s why we’ve selected the best restaurants in Miami, Florida, and put them in this short list. We’ve given you a few options, so you’ll be able to find the most suited option for your guests. 

Check it out and see the best place to celebrate Labor Day weekend in Miami for your crew.

Root & Bone

Chef Janine Booth was born on the coast of Australia, where she learned to make all kinds of meals for the family. She started her cooking career at home, making seafood for the people she loves, and continued sharing the same love with all of her guests years later.

She traveled through Europe and Asia, only to land in the States and work for some of the best restaurants in Miami, Florida.

 In 2013, she made her way to TV screens worldwide when she participated in a show called Top Chef. There, she competed against other cooking enthusiasts in preparing the best meals the judges have seen.

Following Top Chef, Janine made her way to New York, where she opened a restaurant with Chef Jeffrey McInnis. This was the first Root & Bone location ever.

Jeffrey McInnis is a Florida man born to cook and fish. And that’s what he spent his life doing. Growing up on fishing boats, it wasn’t that difficult to develop a love for cooking and preparing food for your friends and family.

Jeffrey went through a similar career path as Janine. He traveled the world, studying all kinds of cuisines and cultures on the way. Top Chef was also one of the stops along the way before opening Root & Bone in NYC.

After the success this soul food restaurant had in the Big Apple, they opened a location in Puerto Rico. Then followed Miami. 

The restaurant itself is everything you’d want from a real soul food place.

Yes, that means chicken biscuits, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, and so many more filling meals. No, going for a jog won’t be a good idea after, but who needs a run after a dinner like this?


Mi’Talia is another place owned by familiar faces. Chefs Janine Booth and Jeffrey McInnis followed their success with Root & Bone by opening an Italian restaurant with a bit of extra soul.

Everything the pair has done together has proven to be a success, and it’s no different with Mi’Talia.

As we mentioned, both chefs traveled the world, exploring the culinary wonders along the way. Luckily, both of them had a pit stop in Italy. That’s where they both fell in love with the culture and, of course, the flavors of Italia.

So, in their new restaurant, they showcase their interpretation of modern Northern and Southern Italian delicacies. 

The restaurant is located in South Miami, and going to the area will be worth your time as soon as you see the menu.

We recommend starting your dinner with something light, like calamari fritti or ricotta toast. Then, proceed to load up on carbs. 

Pasta and Pizza are both an option, but if you ask us, skipping the chicken parm should be a crime. Don’t be one of those people and try this restaurant’s best food.

If you’re into Italian food, put visiting this place on the list of things you must do in Miami.

Stubborn Seed

Receiving a Michelin star speaks for itself. Chef Jeremy Ford lets his accomplishments do all the talking, and it’s more than enough.

This man is a 2022 James Beard Award Semi-Finalist, as well as the winner of Season 13 on Top Chef.

Stubborn Seed’s menu isn’t made to be extensive, but to have each meal leave you amazed. And we believe that’s what they accomplished.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Miami, Florida, look no further. This place has the food you’d like to show off to your friends.

Visiting Stubborn Seed means you’ll be starting dinner with crunchy truffle bravas, yellowfin tuna Crudo, or endive lettuce & herbs. You’ve likely never had something that tastes this good, and it’s only the beginning.

For the main course, you can get items like Japanese kozatsu wagyu and pan-roasted market fish.

Don’t sleep on Stubborn Seed, and check out their menu next time you’re in the city.