Best Places For Eating Southern Cooking This Halloween

As the holidays are approaching, most of us are starting to miss our families and the great dinners we used to have when all of our closest sat at one table. Those occasions were home to many great dishes, most of which could be a part of a “comfort food” menu. 

If you’re spending the holidays away from home but wish to feel close to your family, visiting a comfort food restaurant might be the solution.

There are many Southern-style restaurants in Miami, but not all of them are worth your time. Simply pouring butter into every meal doesn’t get you on our list.

Instead, we’ve only allowed the places with the best comfort food in Miami.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start reading and see where you can find the best Southern food in Miami.

Root & Bone

Chef Janine Booth was born and raised in Australia, a perfect place to develop a love for cooking. And that’s precisely what happened.

Janine spent most of her time growing up outside, surfing, fishing, and preparing freshly caught seafood for her family. Food always brought people together in her home, which her restaurants also intend to do.

Before finding her way to Miami, Janine traveled the world, studying its diverse cuisine. She found her way through Europe and Asia before landing in Miami in 2010. There she worked for a number of prestigious restaurants all over the city, which landed her a position on NBC’s Top Chef.

After competing in the award-winning show, Janine moved to New York City to open her first restaurant – Root & Bone. She started this project with a partner – Jeffrey McInnis, a man with a similar life story.

Jeffrey grew up in a place called Niceville, Florida. Yes, it actually exists. 

He spent his childhood cooking and fishing, knowing he’ll end up doing one of those jobs for a living. He ended up being a world-class chef, which got him a spot in the same TV show as Janine.

After their first restaurant was a success, the pair opened another Root & Bone spot in Puerto Rico. Then, they noticed Florida is missing high-quality Southern-style restaurants. This made them open the third Root & Bone location, which became the best comfort food restaurant in Miami.

Now, let’s talk about the food.

This place has all the meals that will make you feel like grandma’s cooking. No matter if you’re craving chicken biscuits, butter beans, mac, and cheese, or barbecue ribs – they have it. So, if you’re looking for the best comfort food in Miami, Root & Bone is the way to go. 

This place also has excellent staff, a brunch menu, and quite an extensive wine list. So make your way to Janine and Jeffrey’s spot and see if it’s as good as everyone claims.

Red Rooster Overtown

Overtown has quite a historical value to Miami and the locals. This part of town was built by black workers and is the second oldest neighborhood in the city. Now, it’s home to one of the best Southern-style restaurants in Florida.

Red Rooster is known for great comfort food and found its way on our list for several reasons. Not only will you have a great meal at this place, but you’ll learn more about Overtown, the history of the neighborhood, local artists, and culinary talents.

This place and its owners are proud to be members of such a valuable part of town, and you can notice that throughout the restaurant. Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares the same passion for food and Overtown and landed Red Rooster a Bob Gourmand award in 2022. They received recognition for exceptional food at a great value.

On top of that, Chef Marcus was the youngest person to receive a three-star review from the famous New York Times. He won multiple awards throughout his career, including the title of Top Chef Masters. Now, you can see why his place is home to the best Southern Food in Miami.

The menu features a number of comfort foods you shouldn’t wait to try. Smoked chicken wings are a great way to start your dinner here, and proceeding with chicken and waffles, smoked rooster royale, or any of the other mains is just as impressive.

Make your way to Overtown and see the beauty of this part of town, and taste the flavors of the South at Red Rooster.

Eloise & Earnestine Soul Food

Make sure you skip a few meals if you plan to visit Eloise & Earnestine Soul Food. This place and its food are too great not to come with a truly empty stomach. 

If you’re looking for a place that brings authentic Southern dishes to the mainstream, Eloise & Earnestine is your spot.

Their way of preparing comfort food is a bit different than what you’ll find in the rest of Miami. It’s the spot where you try the oxtails, ham hocks, fried okra, pig feet, and other dishes the city doesn’t offer.

And that’s only the start of their extensive menu.

The restaurant is open all day, so if you feel like having a Southern breakfast in Miami, you can do it at this place. Buttery biscuits, pork sausages, and all the bacon you can imagine will be at your table.

If you’re homesick and wish to experience dinner at grandma’s place, this is where you should go. Apart from having fantastic food, this restaurant brings in many people because of its unique interior. The design will make you feel like you know the owners and you’re a part of their family.

Give it a visit and see if it’s worth all the buzz.

Honey Uninhibited

Those who wish to have Southern-style brunch in Miami should definitely visit Honey Uninhibited. This comfort food restaurant changed the city’s brunch scene and serves some of the best comfort food in Miami.

Brunchtime is always full of energy at this place. The music is blasting radio hits, and the staff is on top of their game, but the food is still the biggest star.

Many people choose to celebrate special occasions at Honey Uninhibited, so don’t be surprised if the guests are dressed-up or singing happy birthday.

This black-owned restaurant offers a variety of options for dinner. You can get a table in the modern dining room and check out the game on one of the flat screens while you’re at it. Or, you can enjoy outdoor dining and check out their amazing patio. 

You can’t go wrong either way. Either way, you’ll be enjoying the best Southern food in Miami.

Visit Root & Bone

All of these places are a sure hit, but to try the best comfort food in Miami, you should visit Root & Bone.

Give their menu a shot, and you’ll see why we claim this.