10 Ways of Upgrading Your Brownie Desserts

Brownie desserts are one of those meals that can’t be bad. They are either superb or at least OK. Either way, no one’s going to say no to a freshly baked tray.

Though some people believe you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, there are ways to improve the classic recipe.

Nowadays, every bakery has its own type of brownies with personal recipes that modify the flavor. On top of that, they have things to add to brownies that will blow your mind. And, of course, you can mix and match and create unique brownie ideas. 

With so many brownie toppings available, what is the best way to make something truly delicious? Check out our suggestions and start making fancy brownie desserts in no time.

How to Make Fancy Brownie Desserts

Essentially, there are two ways to spice up your brownie recipe with add-ons. Firstly, you can include additional items to the batter to create fancy brownie desserts with a surprise.

Or, you can add brownie toppings to already finished desserts and let the finishing touches take the flavor to another level.

Spice up the Brownie Mix – Things to Add to Brownies


Add fruits to the batter! This is an easy improvement that will change the whole dynamic of the dessert. You can go with fresh or frozen fruit, as long as you work with them correctly.

In our experience, using a mixture of jam and fresh fruit is the best solution. To be exact, for an entire batch of brownies, use 1/4 cup jam and 1/2cup fresh fruit. 

Remember that frozen fruit holds more water and may come out mushier than the fresh product. So, if you’re using frozen fruit, try adding less than the planned amount. 

Thick Sauces

If you’ve ever tried chocolate with a thick sauce, you know why this type of brownies is on our list. By “thick sauces,” we mean toppings like caramel and butterscotch.

They make great additions to cakes, chocolate bars, and pretty much any other dessert, so why would brownies be any different? Try making them and see if it suits your taste.

Make sure not to overdo it on the quantity. A 1/3 cup will be enough for a full batch. 

The trick with adding thick sauces into the batter is leaving them for the end. First, add the unedited batter to the tray. Then, swirl the sauce on the top of the batter so it is present in every piece.

Candy Pieces 

What’s better than adding candy to an already tasty dessert? It will be hard to top this one. 

Chop your favorite candy into fairly-sized pieces and enjoy. Pretty much any candy bar is acceptable, but simple additions like M&Ms are usually perfect.

You can sprinkle them on top of the batter or put the candy in the mix. The recipe works either way!


Chocolate and nuts have always been the perfect pair, and why should they be any different in your dessert? Nuts are always the ideal solution to add something healthy into a sweet mix. Peanuts, cashews, or Brazilian nuts, whatever you choose, the brownies will accept it and create something better.

Both whole and chopped-up nuts work well, so go with whatever variation you prefer. Just make sure the pieces aren’t too small, or they might go unnoticed.


Most of you have been waiting for this one. Hazelnut spread and peanut butter are pretty much everybody’s favorite add ons, no matter if we’re talking about pancakes, crepes, croissants, or any other pastry. 

2/3 cup of any spread is usually enough to cover an entire batch of brownies. Listen to our pro tip and warm up the spread slightly above room temperature before adding it into the mix. This will make it easier to work with the topping. Then, spread it out evenly, bake, and you’ll have the most pleasing type of brownies at your table in no time.


If you’re a coffee lover and want to put a spin on the brownies you’re making, how about adding some espresso into the mix? It’s one of the unique brownie ideas most people are skeptical about, but only before trying. 

In our experience, adding about two tablespoons of espresso was enough to make the perfect batch. Of course, add more than that if you prefer a more robust coffee flavor in your desserts.

Extracts and Spices

You’ve probably had a brownie with an extract before. You just didn’t notice. One teaspoon is enough to make a difference in the aroma and the flavor of the dessert but isn’t something that will overwhelm the consumer’s taste buds. So start by using that much for your next batch.

When it comes to spices, 1/2 teaspoon is more than enough to make a difference. 

Check out what spices and extracts you can find and if any of them can turn a regular brownie into something a bit more impressive.


You probably weren’t expecting to see alcohol amongst the things to add to brownies, but here it is. Give this idea a chance before you say no.

Brownies have a rich flavor profile by themselves, and adding alcohol to the batter creates an exciting undertone, usually attractive to most people.

We’ll leave it up to you to choose the liquor you wish to add. About 1/2 cup will be enough for drinks with a lower alcohol percentage, like beer and wine. More potent drinks will require even less presence in the bowl, and about 1/4 cup is usually enough.

Improve Your Brownie Game With Toppings

Raspberry Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

Toppings can turn classic recipes everybody’s used to into unique brownie ideas your friends have never tried before. 

How many people do you know that have tried raspberry cream cheese whipped cream as their brownie topping? Probably not many.

Learn how to make it and see if it’s any good. Spoiler alert – it’s delicious!

For this whipped cream alternative, you’re going to need:

  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 2 cups whipping cream
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • One teaspoon raspberry flavoring
  • Food coloring 

The making process, luckily, isn’t that complicated. Firstly, add the cream cheese and the sugar into a mixer bowl, and beat until the mixture is consistent.

Then, add the rest of the ingredients until you reach the wanted texture.

This type of topping is best used with any dessert that includes raspberries.

Chocolate Sauce

It may be obvious, but pairing chocolate with more chocolate works. Why would that change when it’s done in a brownie? Well, it doesn’t.

Get some milk chocolate, melt it in the microwave, and make your double chocolate delight. In minutes you’ll have an upgraded version of the brownie that’s ready to sample.

It doesn’t get any easier this, so if you aren’t the best cook, maybe this is the most reasonable way to start.

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